Outstanding Citizen of the Month – November, 2009

Peggy Mayfield Wilson was born in Austin, Texas, on March 24, 1927. Peggy’s parents did without many things in order for her to attend the University of Texas where she received degrees in chemistry. She has a proud heritage with her great great grandfather sacrificing his life in the Battle of the Alamo and his brother in the Battle of Goliad.

In 1953 she moved to Dallas when hired by Magnolia Petroleum company (Mobil Oil Corp.). She was Mobil’s first female Ph.D. and became their first woman manager of a research group where she traveled to Europe for duties on drilling rigs 100 miles offshore Norway in the North Sea. In Mobil’s behalf, she authored about 15 U.S. patents and about 30 in Canada and Europe. In 1989, she and her husband, W.W. Wilson, III, Lt. Col., USAF retired in Cedar Hill.

From lengthy volunteer service in the Dallas city plan department, she realized that Cedar Hill was about to grow rapidly and would need more money for infrastructure. The city council agreed and assigned her the task of establishing an economic development program, which citizens soon supported in a sales tax election. She chaired the comprehensive plan committee in the 1990’s and was Cedar Hill’s first woman city council member. She continues civic and school volunteer activities.

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